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Make your home removal less stressful with these handy tips...

With so much to think about when moving home it is easy to overlook some of the more obvious things, here is a handy check list courtesy of that will hopefully make your home move go smoothly:

Remember to tell people you are moving, not just friends and family but services like your bank, Sky TV, Utilities Provider, Insurance Company, Water Board, Magazine Subscriptions, Bank and Credit Card companies. I would strongly recommend using the Post Office forwarding address service; it takes up to 10 days to come into effect so plan ahead with it.

Declutter before you move, start preparing piles of items you no longer wish to keep for the charity shop or tip, check the loft, check the garage, check the shed, don’t take anything with you that has no use, dispose of it before the removal men arrive, why pay to take it to your new home.

When packing your items into boxes do one room at a time don’t put anything in the box which isn’t for the same room as the rest of the contents. Seal the box when it is packed with brown packaging tape and colour code the box with coloured stickers. When you arrive at your new home, place the same colour sticker on each door that you wish the corresponding boxes to go into.

If you wish to be superefficient write down the contents of each box on a sheet of paper and number the box, keep your list in a safe place so you know exactly what is in each box

Boxes can be expensive so several weeks before you are set to move start visiting the local supermarkets and ask them if you can have suitably sized empty boxes.

Don’t over pack the boxes so that they are too heavy to move and when packing breakables, pad the remaining space in the box with soft linen or towels. Any extra linen and towels can be packed into black bin bags as these are handy for filling awkward spaces in the van.

Don’t forget to make the most out of your suitcases, pack them with books, DVD’s or CD,s

Make yourself up a pack lunch and a flask of hot tea or coffee, it might be a long day and you don’t know when you might see your kettle next. It might be a good idea to keep a loo roll handy as well!!

Anything you need to dismantle; for example beds or shelving, pop the screws and fittings into a poly bag and tape or tie the bag to the item of furniture to which they belong.

Make sure you have a couple of lightbulbs spare, some people like to take their lightbulbs with them, the last thing you want to be doing is nipping over to the shop for some.

If your electrical equipment looks a complex task and a mass of cables, take a picture of it first before you unplug it all, use your image as a reference when it comes to plugging everything back into the right slot.

When your home is empty take a picture or two of each room, keep evidence of how you have left it, this is especially useful when renting a property as it can be used as evidence if your landlord wishes to withhold any of your deposit.

Keep your keys, wallet, purse and handbag with you at all times, put them down and you will have one hell of a panic if they accidently get packed away.

If you have children or pets plan ahead as to who is going to look after them for you on moving day, pets can get very stressed and upset as they fail to understand what is going on. Children often get very excited and before you know it they will be unpacking the boxes you have packed as they go in search of their favourite toy or game.

Ensure you are the last one out the door when your old home is empty, check each room closing the door behind you as you go, check that rooms are empty, windows are closed, taps are turned off and that the heating hasn’t been left on. Leave any operating instructions on the kitchen worktop so that the new owner of your home can find them easily.

When arriving at your new home, lay down cardboard (flattened boxes) or blankets over your carpets to prevent wet and dirt being carried in

When you are in your new home don't forget to change your address with the DVLA, Doctors, Inland Revenue, Dentist, Optician and Premium Bonds. Make sure you register to vote and get yourself on the electoral register.